Chand Ke Phool

Moon Flowers!

Written by Nic Legacy, Bijayashree Samal, and Gonzalo Donoso Quiroga
Arranged and produced by four-time GRAMMY Award-winners

Michael League and Bill Laurance with Nic Legacy and Gonzalo Donoso Quiroga.

Bijayashree Samal: Vocals
Nic Legacy: Glockenspiel, Dholak
Gonzalo Donoso Quiroga: Ukulele
Žofie Kašparová: Flute

Michael League: Electric bass and mellotron

Marcelo Woloski: Maracón, floor brooms, bombo legüero, pandeiro cuadrado

Up for release world wide June 17th 2022 !

Beyond Music Vol.3- Conflict

Up for release worldwide on June 17th 2022 !

Produced by four-time GRAMMY Award winners Michael League and Bill Laurance 

Featuring 54 artists from 40 countries

Michael League and Bill Laurance about the album:

“Producing Vol.3 was a labor of love. To see such a wide spectrum of interpretations of the  theme ‘ conflict‘ was a real joy, and it was  hard  narrowing  the  track list down to the 16 album tracks. The sheer amount of diversity within the 150 submitted pieces is beautiful, and it‘s fantastic  to see  collaborations  take place across continents. We’re proud to have  created an album that‘s both diverse and cohesive at  the same time.“

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