Hello and Namashkar!

I am Bijayashree from India, I am  a free spirited person and artist constantly exploring and trying out my own capabilities to explore the magic of Music. I believe Music is the greatest gift of my life from HIM and it has the power to change lives and connect hearts. I love to explore that power with a broad audience of music lovers and passionate musicians alike. I find great joy and satisfaction by being involved in the creative music process with all such creative and enthusiastic artists from all over the world.

I am fortunate to meet many exceptionally talented and acclaimed artists during my journey of music and they all have influenced me big time to learn new things that have enriched my knowledge of music. My audience, friends and family have always gave me strength and support to put my best foot forward.

I wish and hope this journey of music and life becomes very interesting and beautiful.

Share your thoughts about my music or music and life in general. I would love to hear them from you. Life is beautiful amidst all. Stay safe, dream big and fly high….

Sending you all my love and best wishes.

Thank you!