Bijayashree is one of the fortunate artists to be born in a musical family thereby picking music as easily as her childhood games. It would be really difficult to mention when did she formally introduced to music, but for Bijayashree, her initial musical sessions are very important and equally close to her heart since it was her mother Mrs Sanjukta Samal, a Hindustani Classical Vocalist hailing from India; who taught her music by holding her hand with lot of care, passion and love.

As the first stepping stone of her life, she passed the audition for All India Radio during these days and as an approved child artist of AIR, she recorded her very first song at a tender age of ten. Bijayashree at a later stage took extensive training in Hindustani Classical Vocal under Pandit (Dr) Chittaranjan Pani, one of the leading vocalists of India under the famous Gwalior Gharana. Bijayashree became a graded artist of All India Radio in her twenties due to her persistent interest in music, hard work and sincerity.

Currently she is pursuing her higher studies in music under the able guidance of Pt. Sanjeev Abhayankar, one of the foremost torch bearer of Hindustani Classical Music under the famous Mewati Gharana & an artist of international acclaim; Mrs Anagha Hindelkar, a gifted Hindustani Classical vocalist of Gwalior-Kirana Gharana and in Swiss, she is under the direct guidance of Sri Udhai Mazumdar, a senior Tabla player of Banaras Gharana, Composer and a worldwide performer) to explore the complex and dynamic world of rhythm in terms of improvisation of vocal techniques and presentation style with several rhythmic possibilities.

She has given concerts under several prestigious banners/ platforms and own several prizes. Bijayashree has been featured in and interviewed nationally and internationally by several radio shows and magazines.

She is regularly giving Classical/ Semi classical/ Indian Fusion concerts in & around Switzerland & back home in India. Bijayashree is currently involved in musical collaborations involving internationally acclaimed musicians; She is giving Hindustani Classical music/ vocal lessons and workshops, please contact if interested at