Bijayashree in the New Album 'SameSky' by Grammy Winning Producer Larry Klein


New Album ‘SAME SKY’/ BEYOND FOUNDATION/ LARRY KLEIN/ Twenty-one world musicians including Bijayashree Samal

The ambitious Album ‘SAME SKY’ by BEYOND and four time Grammy award winning Producer Larry Klein would be out on 23rd August 2019. It is a must listen…so have a copy of this Album once it’s out in the music world. All details would be soon out..

This unique idea of uniting and bringing the world under one roof is conceived and executed by two visionary women Regula Curti and Konstanze Wiedemann of Beyond Foundation, Switzerland. Have a look on this beautiful short movie of the musical journey by MARC COMES.

Credits Artistic Director/ Producer: Larry Klein
Dean Parks, Manu Katché, Clive Deamer, Dan Lutz, Adrian Utley,  Ed Harcourt,  Sheryl Gambo, Bijayashree Samal, Mor Karbasi, Heather Bond, Elly Kellner, Danielle Eog, Mariana Baraj, Kate Northrop, Ingrid White, Sasha Shlain, Ed Glumov, Moshe Elmakias, Andreas Bernitt, John-Jessica Lumpkin, Abdullah Alhussainy,  Beshar AL Azzawi, Sandro Friedrich, Brice Essomba, Jivan Gasparyan Jr.,  Msafiri Zawose, Kane Mathis, Max Keller.  


Diva (A Bird by Choice) | Bijayashree Samal|Sasha (Alexander) Shlain|

With her song ‘Diva (A Bird by Choice)’, Bijayashree Samal won second place at the PUBLIC AWARD with 9,924 votes in the first BEYOND MUSIC PROJECT of original music. There were 110 submissions from some of the known and professional artists from all over the world.

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New release 2019

Mausam (2019)

Original Single


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Indian Monsoon (2018)|A Nandighosha Original|Official Music Video|Bijayashree Samal|BrunoSteffen|

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Indian Monsoon Song|Original Single| Bijayashree Samal/ NANDIGHOSHA|Audio out on CD Baby now Please listen, Share and BUY It HERE

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OriginalHindiSingle (2017) | Rasika Balama | Full Version | Latest Hindi Song 2017 | Bijayashree Smal | Bruno Steffen | Nandighosha Group | Indian Spiced Jazz/ World Music Group

Hello and Namashkar!

I am Bijayashree from India, I am  a free spirited person and artist constantly exploring  and trying out my own capabilities to explore the magic of Music. I believe Music is the greatest gift of my life from HIM and it has the power to change lives and connect hearts. I love to explore that power with a broad audience of music lovers and passionate musicians alike. I find great joy and satisfaction by being involved in the creative music process with all such creative and enthusiastic artists from all over the world.

I am fortunate to meet many exceptionally talented and acclaimed artists during my journey of music and they all have influenced me big time to learn new things that have enriched my knowledge of music. My audience, friends and family have always gave me strength and support to put my best foot forward.

I wish and hope this journey of music and life becomes very interesting and beautiful.

Thank you!