Bijayashree is part of the high-end online platform, Beyond Music which brings together professional musicians, composers, singers and songwriters from all over the world from different cultures and musical genres. Each year, Beyond Music conducts an International original music competition under acclaimed music producers under specified music theme. The winners then get the chance to be a part of the international music production by Beyond music and the acclaimed music producers. Under the musical theme ‘Conflict’, in 2022 Vol.3 album was produced by four-time GRAMMY Award winners Michael League and Bill Laurance of the famous band Snarky Puppy.

A total of 140 original music pieces were submitted for the year 2022 involving 850 professional musicians from all over the world. ‘Chand Ke Phool‘ a collaborative original piece by Bijayashree Samal (India/Switzerland), Nic Legacy (Canada), Žofie Kašparová (Sweden), Gozub (Chile) was selected by Michael League and Bill Laurance as one of the 16 songs for the Beyond Music album Vol.3.

Michael League and Bill Laurance about Chand Ke Phool:

“One of the most instantly recognizable songs of the bunch, Chand Ke Phool grabs you from the
first second and takes you away in its playful, bouncy flow. The interaction between the vocal and
flutes provides a feathery bed in the high end that makes this one feel like a dream. The blend of
Indian and South American traditions is fascinating here. It’s an earworm for sure.”

Beyond Music Project, Vol 3 Award winners Bijayashree Samal with Nic Legacy, Žofie Kašparová,

Bijayashree is part of the Beyond Music Vol 3 CD, produced by Multiple Grammy Winning Producers and Famous Snarky Puppy’s Michael League & Bill Laurance, releasing in 2022

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