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Release Date: 29th Jan 2021
Bijayashree Samal composition, vocals
Moshe Elmakias arrangement, piano
Andreas Bernitt violin
Official Distribution: cdbaby

Available on all music platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer etc.

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Bassundhara (Promo)|Bijayashree Samal (Indias/wiss)|Moshe Elmakias (Israel/Boston|Andreas Bernitt (Denmark)

A Danish Classical violinist, an Israeli Jazz pianist and an Indian Classical singer made music together miles away and remotely from their home during the most difficult time of 2020.

No boundaries, no walls, world is just one stage!

”Basundhara’ is an imagination of a beautiful morning with all its natural elements in place; blooming, shining and living life happily” -Bijayashree, Moshe, Andreas

*Video (promo) Credits:

iAdi : composing, editing

Nandighosha Group, Switzerland

Bijayashree Samal

All rights reserved!

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