Released on 6th Dec 2029 and produced by Unit Records (Swiss), ‘Tarana’ is the debut Cd/ music album of ‘Nandighosha’, Bijayashree Samal’s ambitious Indian spiced Jazz/ world music group, which she founded in July 2017 together with well known Jazz musicians Bruno Steffen and Ekkehard Sassenhausen.

It is an unique album of all original music, that has skillfully combined the colors of Indian classical music with Jazz. The music sounds fresh, ethereal, melodious and extremely engaging. It is now available in all music platforms.

Indian spiced Jazz/ world music CD ‘Tarana’ by Nandighosha Group, released on 6th Dec 2019 by Unit Records, Switzerland

Love for Bijayashree’s Nandighosha Group and ‘Tarana’

Bijayashree Samal et Nandighosha

Si sa formation et celle d’une chanteuse classique indienne, Bijayashree Samal a été
appelée par les hasards de la vie à partager son talent et son patrimoine musical avec
une bande de jazzmen suisses. Rencontre a priori improbable, et pourtant, la magie
opère, entre les compositions inspirées de la chanteuse et les arrangements savamment
ciselés par Bruno Steffen, Eckehard Sassenhausen et leurs complices du groupe
Nandighosha. Le piano de Bruno enrobe les volutes vocales de Bijayashree d’harmonies
sublimes ; le saxophone d’Eckehard se substitue à la flûte enchantée du dieu Krishna, les
timbres de la batterie et des tablas s’entremêlent dans une savante métrique : une
musique à la fois subtile, épicée, inspirée, mais qui swingue diablement !

Laurent Aubert
Pioneer of world music
Anthropologist and musician,
Founder and former Director Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie,
Curator of the ethnomusicology department at Musée d’Ethnographie de Genève MEG
Author of major publications including “La musique de l’autre” (2001), “Les feux de la déesse” (2004) and “La saveur des arts” (2011), and also established the international journal Cahiers d’ethnomusicologie)


Music of Nandighosha Group

In November 2018, Nandighosha played at opening of the 4th India week in Liechtenstein

organized by India Club in Liechtenstein e.V. Nandighosha Group’s music is original, melodious and a unique blend of Indian classical and western jazz. The audience was completely enthralled by the energy of the group and originality of the compositions and was left wanting for more. I am very pleased to hear that Nandighosha is about to release its first album/CD of original compositions by UNIT Records, Switzerland in Dec 2019. We wish the band a lot of success.


Dr. Pankaj Agarwal

President, India Club in Liechtenstein


Very happy to endorse the fantastic group NANDIGHOSHA !

This Group ‘Nandighosha’ is a band to watch out for in coming days and should emerge to reach to all the people around the world. The music based on Indian traditional Ragas are arranged beautifully by western Jazz, captures the audience of both the worlds. 

 An addicted listener !

 All the very best,

Dr. Archana Sharma

Principal Scientist, CERN

Geneva, Switzerland

Founder and leader of CMS GEM Collaboration in the CMS Experiment at LHC. Also Runs Life Lab Education and Research Foundation


We are glad to confirm that our audience experienced what “NANDIGHOSHA”, the Indian spiced Jazz/World Music Group, is all about. The musicians displayed the joy of music and a spirit of music beyond borders. Various world music genres have been tastefully integrated to create a personalized authentic original sound. The compositions produced and created by NANDIGHOSHA, mostly based on Indian ragas in combination with the western harmony of jazz, have been skilfully interwoven by the bandleaders.

It has been a great pleasure and privilege to have you here in Hyderabad on stage at Phoenix Arena on 10th March 2019.

Joe Koster

Hyderabad Western Music Foundation
(Western Classical Music and Jazz)
Conductor of the local vocal group Deccan Voices


Nandighosh is an unstoppable juggernaut of musicians and singers presenting a wonderful blend of oriental and Occidental music. The heard music of Nandighosh is sweet, soothing and timeless. The music of Nandighosh is essentially the most impressive specimen of one of the seven fine arts.The rhythm of Nandighosh shall transcend the manmade frontiers of endure the vagaries of time and space because it is imperishable.

Dr Ramakanta Das

Poet Laureate
Former Joint Secretary
Of Parliament of India
New Delhi, India


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