Together we started and together WE WON. It is Official now..Your DIVA (A Bird by Choice) has bagged the SECOND PLACE/ BEYOND PUBLIC AWARD in the 1st BEYOND MUSIC PROJECT 2019 by BEYOND Music Foundation.
There were more than 150 submissions of original compositions from the most talented and popular artists from all over the world. But it is you who made ‘DIVA’ a winner. Congratulations to all of us. 
Sasha and me are greatly thankful and bowing to all of your support and strength. It would not have been possible without you. 
Love and happiness to all🙏😇✌️🙂😀

Diva (A Bird by Choice) | Bijayashree Samal |
Sasha (Alexander) Shlain

”Diva (A Bird by Choice)” is a song celebrating the spirit of independent women across the world who dared to follow their dreams rising above of all the social boundaries. ‘DIVA’ is composed by Bijayashree Samal and arranged by Sasha (Alexander) Shlain

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