Original Hindi Single (2017) | Rasika Balama (Full Version) |
BijayashreeSamal |Bruno Steffen| ‘NANDIGHOSHA’ GROUP

Rasika Balama is registered and copy righted by SUISA (SUISA is the Cooperative Society of Music Authors and Publishers in Switzerland)

Song: ‘Rasika Balama’ (2017)
Bijayashree Samal- vocals, composition
Bruno Steffen- piano, synth, harmonium, programming, arranging
Ekkehard Sassenhausen- sopranosaxe
Beat Gisler- e-bass
Samir Böhringer- drums
Vivek Bhurtun- tabla
Marcus Bodenmann- sound mixing/ mastering
Jonas Eckert- camera/ editing
Isabel Richiusa – actor
Nathanael Gautschi – actress
Kim-Romeo Lai – video/location assistant
NANDIGHOSHA extends its sincere thanks for all your support….
Musikinsel Rheinau
Silvia Steffen
Alena Vera Steffen
Kim-Romeo Lai
Monali Mishra
Akshaya Kumar Patra
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