“KAMALA” is a successful Swiss  quartet founded in 1998 by well known Jazz pianist, composer, arranger Bruno Steffen. Since then band “KAMALA” has been performing and working on music that focus on producing Indian melodies and rhythms with jazz that includes both original compositions of Bruno Steffen as well as songs composed by Indian monks involving varied arrangements with different grooves, spherical sounds of jazzy oriental mood and free, creative improvisational arcs. The Indian grooves, which are often running over odd meters, are performed by Elastic and delicate rhythmic group with natural precision.

North Indian singer Bijayashre Samal is the new addition to the band Kamala in 2017. Besides pure Hindustani Classical presentations, Bijayashree is involved in various crossover projects involving music of other world genres like Jazz, Baroque, traditional Brazilian music etc. involving well known artists of international acclaim.

The collaboration of Bruno Steffan and Bijayashree Samal and band Kamal with the new line up aims in presenting Indian compositions (involving originals as well as traditional) in connection with western harmonic music to infuse colors of jazz music on Indian melodies and vice-versa. The collaboration is working on mostly original compositions by Bruno Steffen and Bijayashree Samal infusing Indian with Jazz.